Youri Oldenhof, the person behind Shootless. Besides his current studies in ICT & Media Design in Eindhoven, he enjoys creating still and moving images! Alongside this, he gained a lot of experience in the art world through his minor at the Art Academy in Tilburg, the Netherlands.

Since the age of four, Youri had been standing with a camera in his hand, taking pictures and videos of his young adventures. Nothing has changed in the meantime. Still, making images is his greatest passion and outlet.

After graduating from high school, he got his first DSLR! Since then, photography has never been the same as before. First the focus was on landscapes, then more towards portraits. After this, video increasingly blossomed and he has already shot several productions.

Being active in content creation for over four years has kept him abreast of the latest trends and techniques. As a result, Youri combines general knowledge with his own creativity and the latest trends! This has enabled Youri to develop into a professional and modern Content Creator.

Curious about what Shootless can do for you? Take a look at the work created and the portfolio for an impression! Looking for more information? Then be sure to check out the socials!

Are we breaking through the borders of certainty together?

Youri Oldenhof


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